Concrete technology by ms shetty pdf free download

Are you in search of Concrete technology by ms shetty pdf ? Here you can get it. Concrete technology book by Shetty was first published in 1982 and it has seven editions with more than thirty five reprints. The book is a must have book for students practising and researching about concrete which is most important and versatile construction material.

Students of concrete technology and research works on Concrete technology should have this wonderful book written by M.S. Shetty. The book has not only different topics on concrete but also has latest development that is taking place across the world.

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Download Concrete technology by MS Shetty pdf / ebook free download

Starting from the making of concrete to the development of concrete is elaborately described in this book. Materials that are required for concrete are described in a detailed manner. The information on admixtures and on special concretes, such as air-entrained concrete, vacuum concrete, light-weight concrete, etc. will be very useful for concrete engineers and those who are engaged in precast concrete construction.

Based on author’s knowledge and experience, he gives us important suggestions and recommendations on development of concrete to the students. In some chapters, the author gives the students simple and scientific methods for the benefit of practising engineers and concrete technologists.

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There are number of examples, charts and tables for every topic for well understanding of the concept. The author has written this book in a simple and easy understanding language so that every student can understand the concepts clearly and effectively.

Concrete Technology by MS.Shetty PDF

About the author:

M.S. Shetty was a founder of Indian concrete institute at Pune. He worked as a Vice President of Indian concrete institute, as a member of Board of Studies of Pune University. Shetty is a civil Engineer with over 50 years of experience. During his service, he worked as a site engineer, a professor and an advisor. After his retirement in 1989, he conducted many training programs on concrete technology to train site engineers for construction. He delivered many technical lectures on Concrete Technology and related topics all over India.


  • Author   : M.S. Shetty
  • Publisher : S Chand
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 656 pages

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