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The Martian” is a fantastically jotted science fiction by Andy Weir.  With a message “Human instinct to help those in need”, the author has stolen the hearts of millions of readers.  The book was first published in the author’s blog in 2011 chapters wise and later because of the waves it has created among the book readers it went for hardcover publishing in 2014.  With the immense popularity the book has gained, the copy rights of the book were brought and a movie on the book with the same title was made and released in 2015.

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The Martian’s Plot

Mark Watney is an astronaut who is very good at math, science, and being humorous.  Mark along with his crewmembers will step onto the red planet Mars where he will get stranded because of an unexpected dust storm.  The other crew members thinking that Mark was no more evacuates from the Mars to the Earth.  This story revolves around Mark who is 140 million miles away from the earth and how he makes his living in the Mars with the resources he is available with.  With the chances being slim to none for Marks’ survival on Mars, how he strives for his life for food, water, oxygen and how he finally signals to the Earth that he is alive and how the crew members comes to rescue him was epically jotted by the writer with added great humor every now and then.

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Write-up by the readers

“The Martian” has given wonderful message of human instinct to help people who are in need let that be any million miles away from us is quite an attractive point of that attracted volcano of readers.  Satisfying people of all genres, science lovers, space lovers, math lovers, adventure lovers, thriller lovers, fiction and non-fiction lovers, humor lovers, everyone, this book just simply rocked and won the love and appreciation from the readers.

The father of the book Andy Weir

Andy Weir is an American writer who is a space nerd.  He gave life to the story with his extraordinary writing.  People who read the book can simply that Andy has down exhaustive research on science and space.  This relates more to the real life as science weighs more on fiction in this book.  Andy is a computer programmer whose second book is “The Martian”.  He beautifully narrated the story of the Astronaut who was struck alone in another planet Mars finding ways to keep himself alive with the resources available and by innovating new things with the same minimal resources left.

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