Machine Design by VB.Bhandari PDF free download / ebook

Design of machine elements / Machine design by VB.Bhandari pdf is a guide book of mechanical engineering students aspiring for competitive examinations like GATE, UPSC, etc. it is a wonderful book written by V B Bhandari with solved and unsolved questions in the book. He has written the book in a easy and simple language for better understanding of the students.

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The latest edition of the book is revised and updated with new and latest topics about designing of machines. The latest updates are very useful for mechanical engineering students for their better understanding about the latest developments. Machine design is an important part for mechanical engineering students as it contains technical information, new and creative ideas for the development of machines. Design of Machine Elements book covers all the content, theories, definitions, and formulae etc. which are required while designing a machine.


VB.Bhandari Machine design pdf free download/ Design of machine elements PDF

VB.Bhandari Machine design book contains 25 chapters which covers all the important topics important from examination point of view. Each chapter explains every procedure and consideration required while designing a machine in a well defined manner. Each chapter, there is an introduction explaining about the chapters and its functions theoretically followed by charts, formulae, problems etc. There are diagrammatic views of designing of machines for better understanding level of the students.

The book includes example problems in a very detailed form, step-by-step manner. This helps the students to understand the problem solving methods used. Each chapter ends with short answer type questions and a section with problems for practice for their examination.

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Features of the book Machine design by Bhandari

  • Useful for mechanical engineering students for both semester and competitive examination like GATE, UPSC etc.
  • Author has written the book in a simple and understanding language.
  • Book is revised and updated with latest technology and developments regarding the designing of machines.
  • Number of examples, solved and unsolved problems are mentioned for more and more practise by the students.
  • Book covers all the important topics that are asked in the examination.
  • Solved and unsolved problems are included for practise.
  • The book contains introduction followed by charts, formulae, problems etc for better understanding of students.


V. B. Bhandari is a well known former professor and a popular writer. He has written one more book called, Introduction to Machine Design. V. B. Bhandari is a retired Professor and former Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune.

Download Machine Design / Design of Machine elements by Bhandari


  • Author: V. B. Bhandari
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Paperback: 960 pages
  • Language: English

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